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The bandmember is :
Jon Foreman: Vocals, songwriter, guitar
Tim Foreman: Bass, backing vocals
Jerome Fontamillas: Guitar, keys, backing vocals
Drew Shirley: Guitar
Chad Butler: Drums

Switchfoot is an alternative rockband that comes from San Diego,USA. They started out with three members: Jon, Tim; they are brothers and Chad. After a few years came Jerome's old band, that they had been playing together with, joined forces with Switchfoot.

The people realy discoverd the band in 2002 when they had 4 songs in the movie "A Walk to Remember". The most known songs from he band is "Ment to live" and "Dare you to move"

After that switchfoot songs has been with in many series...
Ther albums:
1997: The Ledgend of Chin
1999: NewWay to Be Human
2000: Learning to Breath (U.S. Gold 500,000+)
2003: The Beautiful Letdown (U.S. 2x Platinum 2.6 million+)
2005: Nothing Is Sound (U.S. Gold 500,000+)
2006: Oh! Gravity (200,000+)

They have won many awards hear is some of them listed:
1997 - "Best New Artist"
2001 - "Best Pop Album" — Learning to Breathe

2004 - "Song of the Year" — Dare You To Move
2003 - "Album of the Year" — The Beautiful Letdown
2005 - "Artist of the Year"
2006 - "Artist of the Year"
2007 - "Album of the Year" — Oh! Gravity

This is a video with the song "Dare you to move" and it´s from Smallville

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