Saturday, July 5, 2008


EMD is a Swedish band. The members are Erik Segerstedt, Mattias Andréasson and Danny Saucedo. The all have been in the Swedish Idol. Erik came in 2th place, but lost against Markus Fagervall. Danny and Erik was in idol the year 2006 and Mattias in 2007 in which he came 5th place.

Both Danny and Erik has a debut album of there own and both was selling good. Danny have also had his songs played on other countries in Europe. Some of the songs are Tokyo, only you and play it for the girls. Erik had songs like Can’t say I’m sorry and Why did we change. And now they come up with that idea to form a band EMD. The first single was a cover of the song All for love. the next was a big hit in Sweden! Jenny let me love you.

In the summer of 2008 the boy are everywhere they tour around the hole country and trying to record a single album buy them self.
EMD´s album is A state of mind.
Jenny let me love you-EMD

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