Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kat Von D

Kat Von D (born Katherine Von Drachenberg on March 8, 1982) is an American tattoo artist and television personality. She is best known for her work as a featured tattoo artist on the reality television show Miami Ink. A subsequent series starring Von D, LA Ink, premiered August 7, 2007 in the United States.

She was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Von D moved to the United States when she was four, settling in Colton, California. Growing up in the Inland Empire, she made her first tattoo in 1996 with a homemade rig at age 14, the skull logo of the punk band Misfits. In 1998, she began working in her first professional shop, Sin City Tattoo. This was a great period of growth in her work and led to her eventually moving to True Tattoo for a chance to work with Clay Decker and Chris Garver. This afforded her the opportunity to live and work in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

While working at True Tattoo, Von D met her ex-husband, Oliver Peck, and occasionally worked at his tattoo shop "Elm Street Tattoo" in Dallas, Texas. She was featured in the 2008 book Permanence: Tattoo Portraits by artist Kip Fulbeck.

Besides her tattoo career, Von D has also appeared in a version of HIM's music video for "Killing Loneliness" She is also sponsored by the soda company Jones Soda and has worked with Vitamin Angels, a non-profit organization that fights child blindness caused by vitamin deficiencies. Von D has collaborated with professional skateboarders Bam Margera, Chad Muska, and Mike Vallely on their new skateboard deck graphics.
Von D started Musink, which is a collaboration between famous bands and tattooers alike. In February 2008 Musink opened for the first time at the Orange County fairgrounds. She is also dating Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx.
Von D has also recently designed her own brand of makeup products, collaborating with Sephora.
Von D has also recently starred in the video for 'Help Me', Alkaline Trio's first single off of their new album 'Agony and Irony', released on 1st of July, 2008.

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