Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Red Car Wire

I got a fun mail...it was about a band RED CAR WIRE, I liked the music so here you go. here is som informations about them and a song...

Evan Lester - Vocals/Guitar
Davey Hoogerwerf - Vocals/Bass
Garett Bouline - Guitar
Josh Cutlip - Drums

Red Car Wire is an energetic 4 piece modern rock band that fills clubs with bobbing heads and jumping fans. Since landing on the scene, they have been making a buzz with unforgettable live performances and catchy chorus melodies that you’ll be singing in the shower the next morning. Based out of Dallas, Texas, these 4 musicians create a sound that expresses their hyper, memorable personalities that is contagious to everyone who listens.

Red Car Wire -Kids Inlove

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