Friday, February 20, 2009

Different is a good thing

I always thought that being different is a good thing. Many people have a stereotypic type that they think is “normal” (if there ever is a thing as normal). Because many wants to fit in they often do the “normal thing”, forget that!

I think that you should do what ever you want and not care about what others say or think. Because the people that are “different” are often those people that are the most fun to know. They actually do what they want.
It is like when we were kids and we played and had fun, we did not care about what people thought. But somewhere on the way, when we were growing up, we forgot about that. Now I learned that I rather gives a few laughs on the way then being invisible. I still maybe not learned to do exact what I want, but I try. So try to say what you think and do what you want! Always bee yourself and then you find the good things in life.

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DookieCow said...

I'm agree with you, being different is a good thing. But actually who is normal and what's normality. It's just what society want us to be. But it's not real.
The most difficult is to accept yourself different and after that, everything'll be fine. That's what i have to work on it... lol Like everybody i guess.
I like your little thoughts. On my blog, i like to put some quotes (famous or not) every day which touched me.
Good luck for the futur and kiss from France.


ps: I LOVE your playlist. It could be mine.

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