Thursday, February 19, 2009

New focus on this blog

I have not been putting the energy of this blog that it truly needs, and mostly it is because I don’t have time and that I’m not sure that there is anybody that truly likes this blog. I listen to my readers and will try to do both what I like and you like. So now I will try to do this right...

I will try to do a better blog with actual things that I think about. Maybe you wont get what I write about all the time, but maybe it is not so important, am just a girl, not a professor or something, just me and my crazy thoughts, that I think about, you don’t always need to agree. I have a lot of things on my mind that I think about, take it or leave it. Maybe something’s will be things you like, then I hope you tell me!

I have already post things on this blog that I think about, because most of it is in the music, but now I will tell you more things and show you more of what I think about, after all this blogs name is Everything In My Head

Remember: I love to get comments!

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