Saturday, April 4, 2009

Introducing: Tyler Shields

I recomend taking a look at this website Tyler Shields is an American professional photographer currently located in LA. He is known for his advertising work, as well as, his connections with a large number of famous actors, actresses, and models. The majority of his photographs are portraits and are shot using a wide variety of photograph concepts and principles.
Tyler’s career began in 2002 when he was 20. His interest in photography stemmed from his original job of directing music videos. Shield's success in the field of photography grew as his Myspace page and personal website drew attention from a number of famous actors and actresses. Tyler has worked with celebrities such as Adam Brody, Rainn Wilson, My Chemical Romance, Jeffree Star, and more. He has no formal training as a photographer and utilizes many varying styles as seen though his use of silhouettes, themes, elements such as fire and water, and spotlights. On his site you can see photos and videos, that are Inspiring, I have fell in love with his art! The videos are beautiful made.

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