Sunday, April 5, 2009

Payton podcast #1

Have you seen the series One Tree Hill, then you know that Payton has problems in her life, and that is why she has a homepage were you can see her room on a camera, well that homepage does not exist, but they have done a Payton "podcast" were she is talking about the life. I will post these Podcast for you now, and hear about there thoughts. These are very old, I know that but they are still good. If you want them you can download them on Itunes or visit

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du vet inte said...


hoppas allt är bra

vad säger du om att följa varandra via blogglovin?

Min blogg e riktigt jävla grym o din ser intressant ut?

Se för dig själv du kommer digga min blogg!
Du hittar ALLT! o jag bjuder på de lilla extra ;)

Så vad tycker du om min idee?

Kram M

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