Sunday, May 17, 2009

If only I got to know you better

I don’t tell much about my self on this blog, don’t think that my life would be so interesting, but now I have to much on my mine to not let it out

Recently I was on a trip to Mallorca, and I so want to go back, the island captured my hart in many ways and now, back home everything feels weird. I feel so confused, that I don’t know what to do. I wished that I could just stop the time and be on mallorca forever, or at least a wile longer. Where I liked it so much, were they were, and him….maybe we could get to know us better, maybe it would have been a we/us? I know it is stupid of me to think of what could instead of what is, but home I’m all said, everything is braking apart and I know they all are leaving, my family of 3 years, that’s what I think they all are. They are my friends, but soon we wont be together, then I’m all alone again, doing nothing, so I start thinking about the time, when I could here the waves, feel the sun and here you sing, see your smile, see you’re eyes…. Why can’t I stop time?

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