Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why He’s Hot:

1.Dave Franco. Brother to James Franco. Obviously, sexbomb status runs in this family like horse teeth runs in the Cyrus family.

2.He’s already a GQMF. I mean, seriously. He hasn’t even been on “Scrubs” for a whole SEASON and already he’s a GQMF. Clearly, the editors at GQ have seen him in his scrubs and have been having the same steamy “let’s play doctor” fantasy that I’ve been having.

3.The eyebrows. Those eyebrows are a canopy over the gorgeous brown peepers that he’s been blessed with… but GOD DAMN, his eyebrows are a feat of God. They’re bushy but not too much so (he must pluck or something, cuz the arch is PERFECT), which says, “Hey, I’m a manly man that will rock your world in the sheets, but I also manscape a smidge for your pleasure.”

4.He’s a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge, CONFIDENT, sexy nerd. What’s sexier about a guy who’s unafraid to reveal that he loves his cats and rock a cardigan AT THE SAME TIME? Plus, he’s Greg from “Superbad”. AKA one of the best parts of that movie. Any budding actor that’s okay with being known as “That guy from “Superbad” that pissed his pants” elevates to you to nerd status… and he bears that status with pride.

5.The laugh. How can you not love the laugh? It’s like a mischievous chuckle hidden behind a goofy giggle. Personally, I’d like to hear the mischievous chuckle side of it while he’s rocking my world.

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